"Asrtology Has No Reliogion - ASTRO is Secular"

In The Days Cave-Man, Man Always try to predict incidents by studying Animal Behavior, Change in Climate, Changes in Sky Color and also by studying in Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Gradually , Man's Evolution leads him to predict Past , Present and Future through the Movement of the STARS in the Sky. Magnanimously, Man's Evolution leads Him to bring out the Secretes of Prediction from Zodiac Signs, Numbers , Lines in Hand, Earth Magnetic Energy levels of + and - (VASTU) etc.... All This DEVELOPMENT in Astrology is achieved by Man earlier to the Scientific Development. I proudly submit here - HINDUISM ACHIEVED MAGNANIMOUS MAGICS AND MIRACLES IN ASTROLOGY.


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I have been an Astrologer Since 2002 with the blessings of Goddess and Guruji. Since 2002 , My predictions came true in Personal Horoscopes of many of my Clients. I am comfortable with My Mother Tongue i.e....Telugu and also with English.


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